About Us

The Residents Partnership are a group af tenants and leaseholders working together to improve your housing services.


Working with Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council the partnership are keen to ensure all residents and leaseholders are represented.


Meet Our Members

Lynne Price



I like to use my rights as a resident and tenant of the borough to have a say in what happens where I live and pay my rent for which is why I chose to be part of the resident involvement team.

Paul Barton

I have always enjoyed being involved in my community.  I am passionate about the service recieved by tenants and want to make sure that.we get the best service for the rent that we pay.

Andrew Moore
Deputy Chair

I live in Bedworth and I have a particular interest in hleping tenants be good neighbours to each other.  I try to attend as many walkabouts as possible so I can get as many tenants views as possible.

Pat Bidmead


I'm the leaseholder representative on the group and I make sure that leasdholders are given a voice within housing services.  There aren't many council leaseholders in the borough so I want to make sure we get a good service and a fair deal.

Stacey Bloomer

I am the youngest member of the team and I have learning difficulties, but I have never let that stop me having my say.  I am enthusiastic and good team player. and my aim is to give young people and the disabled people a voice.