Bailey Park Event held on  15th August 2018

A very good turnout at Bailey Park on 15th August with the fun starting at 12 p.m.

Can we thank the NBBC Resident Involvement Team and the Old Collycroft Residents Association for their teamwork in putting on this event.  We estimate about 400 people joined us for a Teddy Bears' Picnic and lots of activities for the children, along with advice on hand for the adults!

Special thanks go to our friends at Edible Links and our local Tesco Champion - Christine, who provided lots of snacks and drinks for the children.  Activities and advice were also provided by our following partners:

Old Collycroft Residents Association
Marston Lane Allotment Society
NBBC sports development and Climbing Wall team

Orbit Housing
NBBC Financial Inclusion Support Officers
NBBC Repairs Team

Also the Resident Partnership members

Mayor Councillor Chris Watkins

Thank you for making the day such a great success.