Our Housing Review Group carried out a review of Estate Walkabouts with their aim being to improve tenant communication with NBBC.

Well advertised and well attended walkabouts provide an excellent opportunity for our Housing Officers, local Councillors and partner agencies to get to know our residents and community.

The review recommended the following changes:


  • ‘Community Walkabout’ Fluorescent jackets for Officers attending walkabouts – more visible and advertises the walkabout.

  • Consider re-naming Estate Walkabouts to ‘Local Community Walkabouts’.

  • Include link for Estate Walkabouts to page on NBBC website in the New Tenant pack.

  • TV screens in Town Hall, waiting area and boards in Bedworth Office could be used as ‘You Said, We Did’ information.

  • Wish list of improvements could be put into priority order for tenants e.g. Red, Amber and Green order of priority.

  • Advertisement in the In Touch magazine.


Our recommendations are currently being reviewed by Senior Managers and we await their response.