Paul Barton met Andy Wilson, Senior planned Maintenance Officer and Chris Lunn for a up-date on their recent review regarding fencing and plastering. The aim of the review was for our reactive fencing repairs to become more timely and planned.

Prior to the review, if a fencing repair was highlighted on an Estate Walkabout, the repair would be booked in. However, any repairs reported at any other time would have to wait until contractors were in that area in the future. This could lead to long waiting times and was something the Council wanted to improve.

Since the review as soon as a tennant reports fencing they will send someone out to have a look, measure up to see what is required and aim to have repairs done in 6 weeks instead of up to 30 weeks.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council is trying to be as efficient as possible, working on a 'first fix' basis - a quality repair, right first time.

However, we must acknowledge that 'no access' can be a problem and waste time. NBBC try to be as flexible as possible but residents do need to realise that if they are not in when given a time slot, this costs money.

All agreed that communication is key and it is essential that NBBC and residents work together to manage expectations and provide the best service possible.

Customer Satisfactory Report

Over the last 3months we have carried out 40 post inspections on the fencing. Out of these there was 5 tenant satisfied, 34 inspector satisfied and 1 no access for inspection. So that means 97.50% satisfaction.

Over the last 3 months we have carried out 31 post inspections on the plastering. Out of these there was 18 tenant satisfied and 13 no access for inspection. So that means 100.00% satisfaction.

Paul Barton

for Residents Partnership

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