CCTV Installations and our Involvement

At the beginning of 2017 the Resident Partnership were asked to become involved in the new installations of CCTV in a number of flats (3 in Nuneaton and 3 in Bedworth).

As part of the planning, we were asked about the coverage that such a system should provide and where, from a tenants point of view, problems occurred in some of the areas in the flats that we had knowledge of. We met with both Housing Officers and Borough Surveyors to express our views.

In the main, the systems that were planned covered all areas of concern well and now that the systems are live, improvements are being seen. Perpetrators can be dealt with more swiftly without the old system of delay in downloading the cameras, viewing and subsequent work. This could make the case stronger.

In accordance with the law, warning signs that the systems are in operation are in place and these are also having a marked effect on the system's effectiveness.

The cameras were largely installed on time and although some delays to the 'going live' phase were encountered (mainly for technical reasons such as data links) they are all now working properly and doing the work that was intended to be in reducing complaints of ASB, flytipping and other issues that some of the flats experienced.

This was a good project to become involved with and more systems, subject to budget concerns are likely to be considered and, as always, we will be involved in the planning of the systems.

Early feedback does indicate that residents feel more secure in their homes as a result of this initiative.

Andrew Moore

Vice Chair

Residents Partnership

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